Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cookies by Christine

 Christine's Cookies
Hi Barb,
I did my baking today. I know you have done cookie recipes already but thought I would share the photos and my tip from Real Simple magazine.
I used parchment paper for all the cookies. That way I could be doing multiple recipes at once. Lined them up and waited for a cookie sheet to cool.
I easily slid them off onto the counter to cool. I utilize 5 cookie sheets and it keeps the flow going. I probably made 20 dozen cookies today in 4 hours!
I made the traditional gullets,thumbprint cookies and the kisses peanut butter blossoms. But I did try a few new ones...
flour-less chocolate cookies,
Mexican wedding cookies with a twist- pistachios and dried cherries
Coconut, dried cranberries and corn flake macaroons
lace cookies.
 All turned out pretty well.  Here they are shown on the parchment paper. 
Wrapped them up and delivered them to the neighbors and friends!

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