Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Musings

Why do all of my cooking ingredients -- like spices, salt, brown sugar, etc. -- seem to run out at the same time, just like light bulbs around the house?

When will the fennel fad be over?  I am so tired of seeing fennel on the menus of restaurants, messing up a entree choice I might want.

Feedback from last week's posts:

Christine responded to last Wednesday's post on Lamb with Mayo "Protection" :

"FYI... mayo is what Howard uses on his smoked turkey too! It does work. There is an old Alaska Halibut recipe that uses mayo too! "

Also, I pleasantly surprised by the positive response to Tom's Veal Stew recipe.  I was hesitant to post a veal recipe, as many people are opposed to using veal. 

Announcing the Brownie Bake-off :

Over the last year, McJane and I have been exchanging emails about how to make a good homemade brownie.  So, I have decided to take on the challenge and do some testing of various recipes. 

The current line - up is
1.  Brownies on the current cover of Bon Appetit
2.  Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten's recipe which is the one Cheri says she uses for her decadent brownies
3.  Cook's Illustrated recipe from last year which McJane sent in
4.  Jesse's ultimate brownie
5.  a Farmstand brownie recipe I clipped a while back

If you have a recommendation for the brownie bake-off, please email it to me.  The more the merrier.

First up is the Bon Appetit brownies.  I made them a couple of days ago and gave them out for people to taste.  Once I get feedback, I will post the recipe.


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  1. My friend Anne suggested I check out your blog and boy am I glad she did! (even though you don't share my love of fennel ...

    I'm really looking forward to digging into your recipes :)