Saturday, September 22, 2012

Under Construction Inside and Out

Under Construction Inside and Out

This is what our kitchen at home has looked like for the last couple of weeks. And the city has torn up the street outside to boot. What a mess! So, we have been staying at the lake and commuting in daily.

As a result, our meals have been a combination of "go-to" recipes like Tom's chili and Tom's Thai chicken curry or sandwiches and sushi from Wegman's. Things we can reheat or make quickly.

The only dish of note would be the baked crab dip I created for guests who stopped by the lake for drinks. Will post it soon, I hope.

The kitchen upgrade will be great once it is done. No more black-and-white-checked wallpaper in the background of Feast Everyday photos!

Should be back to blogging in a few weeks.

In meantime, I am happy to post any of your recipes, if you have something to share.



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