Sunday, March 1, 2015

March: Spain

March is Spain

I've never been to Spain, so I am looking forward to learning more about Spanish food and culture during March.

On the tablescape for Spain are

  • paella:  a popular rice dish mixed with either seafood, or meats, and uses saffron 
  • gazpacho:  a soup made of raw vegetables
  • tapas:  small dishes-- a wide variety of snacks and appetizers, cold or hot
  • sangria:  served cold by the pitcher, wine with chopped fruit, a sweetener, and brandy
  • papas arrugados:  "wrinkled" potatoes with a pepper sauce
  • banderillas:  no-cook skewers of colorful, pantry items like roasted peppers, cornichons, etc.
  • leche frita:  a northern Spain dessert of fried cream
  • horchata:  in Spain, it's made of tigernuts or almonds, sugar and water.  In other countries like Mexico, it is cinnamon rice milk.
I am familiar with the first four but had to look up the rest.  

The cookbook I am going to use this month is Claudia Roden's The Food of Spain, a 600-pager, filled with recipes and history of the food in Spain.  It came out in 2011. 

There is an interesting article on her and the cookbook in the U.K.s The Guardian:
She says she resisted Spain at first, and that the cookbook took her 5 years to complete.  


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