Friday, September 11, 2015

The Great British Baking Show on PBS and BBC

We discovered The Great British Baking Show earlier this year on PBS and thoroughly enjoyed it.

They make many desserts and pastries that I have never heard of, and then they are stumped by something as common (here) as angel food cake.

A dozen non-professional bakers ---ranging from college age to retirees ---including carpenters, scientists, teachers and all sorts of backgrounds---with one thing in common --- that they love to bake.  It is fun to watch.  They make lots of mistakes but some of the bakes are amazing!

Here in the U.S., the new season started just a few days ago on September 8.  It is easily viewed on the PBS app or via the various medium for streaming PBS these days.  But I still prefer to wait for each episode to air on traditional TV on Sunday evenings.

It is actually the 10th season of the highly successful show on BBC in the U.K.  It is called the The Great British Bake Off there.  Their season started in August.  The U.S. version is delayed by a few weeks.



Thought it would be appropriate to share the links, since this is England month, in case you haven't heard about the show.


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