Thursday, March 30, 2017

15 which didn't make it on to the blog

This week I have been cleaning out the folders of recipes, which were not deemed worthy of the blog.

I take photos when we are trying something new, and then decide later if it is "blog worthy."

For example, I have tried several times to make brownies inspired by hot cocoa and tiny marshmallows and they have been disasters.  And ended up in the trash.

And then there's the Cauliflower Stilton Soup which wasn't very good and will always be associated with election day 2016 because that's when I made it.  And I'd rather forget both.

So here they are and why they didn't make it.

Cupcakes for Kitty (a Dahlia Bakery recipe)  I thought these cupcakes were going to be a home run. But the cake was ho-hum, and the frosting had sour cream in it which made it sour.  Kitty loved them anyway.

Fresh Ginger Cake (a David Lebovitz recipe).  Served this to guests and wish I had tested it before I did.  I had trusted David Liebovitz.  He said it was one of his most popular recipes.  Maybe I baked it too long.  It was dry.

BBQ Baked Beans with Root Beer An experiment that failed. I had some leftover homemade BBQ sauce, some beans,  and a bottle of root beer.  Not a good combo.

Brown Rice with Veggies  Not a failure.  Just not sure I had anything to offer.   The Philly Beverlys had shared with me that they make a big batch of brown rice on the weekend then added stuff to it for meals throughout the week.  So, I did that, too, for the week of lunches.  Adding veggies and new things, like a boiled egg, each day.
Caesar salad with white anchovies dressing (a Jeffrey Zakarian recipe)  Not worth all of the work. And the presentation left a lot to be desired.
Clam chowder with sherry.  Tom remembers fondly having clam chowder in a restaurant in Chicago where they poured a little sherry on top at the table.  This recipe did not fulfill the longing.
Lamb ribs--- they came as part of our CSA.  Never had lamb ribs before, and probably won't again.
We received pears as a Christmas gift and they started to get over-ripe so I looked for a pear crisp.
Chose David Lebovitz's Pear Crisp recipe and added cherries.  Not a good combo.

Rye Sourdough Starter.  Why do I let myself go off on these tangents?
Sour Cream Cut-Out Cookies.  Tom really did NOT like this dough I made.  He prefers traditional sugar cookie dough.  But he did have fun making royal icing and decorating his Christmas cookies.
Bucatini with Duck Confit, Mushrooms, Brussels Sprouts and Tomatoes.   The first time I made this recipe it was great, so we served it to guests, but it wasn't anywhere near as good as it was the first time.
Broccolini with Garlic and Anchovies - nothing special about this dish, but it is good for you.
Tom's Carrots with Ginger, Garlic and Sesame Seeds  -- almost all the photos were out of focus. He says he will make it again for the blog.
Tom's Curried Cauliflower -When you can't remember you made it, then it doesn't go on the blog.  :)


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