Monday, December 20, 2010

NYC Restaurant Recommendations by Emily

Hi Aunt Barbara,

I was in NYC this weekend for a friend's birthday and had some pretty amazing food that I thought might be blog worthy. On the way to my friend's apartment, my friend suggested I stop at this bagel shop:
Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company. Best bagel I've ever had. It's on 8th avenue between 24th and 25th street. Here's the link:
Later we went out to this restaurant called La Esquina for her birthday. The food was amazing and
the only good margaritas I've found up north were at this place. Because we were such a large party, we had a special reservation not in the main part of the restaurant. You walk in and there's a bouncer in front of the door that reads employees only. We walk in through the kitchen and down these creepy stairs into the basement which opens up into this really nice restaurant/bar. It was great! Here's the link:  

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