Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Speedy Spiedies by Tom

Speedy Spiedies by Tom

If you are following the blog, you know we are fans of Spiedies, but tend to make them when we have guests.  They are specific to Upstate New York and can be found as a staple dish at county fairs and similar events.  Easy to make at home, though, with a bottle of Spiedies marinade.

One day, though, I decided to try to use the Spiedies marinade with whole chicken breasts rather than cubed chicken breasts.  This was an experiment to see if I could replicate the Spiedies taste without the hassle of skewering the cubed chicken.  Voila, it worked just fine.  The chicken was very tender and moist with the distinctive taste of Spiedies.  We skipped the roll, too.

So if you are in hurry, try these speedy Spiedies!


whole chicken breasts - enough for as many people as you are serving
one bottle of Lupo's Spiedies marinade

Place the chicken breasts in a container and dump as much of the bottle of Spiedies marinade in as you can.  Push and prod the chicken breasts to make sure every part of the breast is in contact with the marinade.  It is best to do this a day or two before you actually grill the chicken breasts.  Keep this in the refrigerator.  You cannot over-marinate this.  Every few hours shake the container up to insure that the chicken is marinating.

Grill as you normally would the chicken breasts and occasionally marinate as you are grilling.  These were pretty large chicken breasts and cooked for about 20-22 minutes.  I turned them over every 5 minutes and splashed a little of the extra marinade on them after each flip.

Let the breasts rest for about 10 minutes after cooking and then slice across the breast.

Serve and enjoy.


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