Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pork --- Long and Low by Colleen

Pork Shoulder prepped for Long, Low Roasting

Thanks, Colleen, for sending in this contibution for the blog.  I made your pork to have on hand during the long days of printing photographs for my exhibit while Tom and David were off traveling together for a week of golf school.  And I still had lots of leftovers to share when they came back!    It is an excellent way to cook pulled pork.  I will be making it again when we have a crowd to feed at the lake.

Colleens says:  Loved the pork recipe idea. Here is one that I found in ESQUIRE magazine, of all places. Mario Batali.You get a big pork shoulder (very cheap - can be as little as $1/pound, but usually around $2.

This is a project for early in the morning or late at night. You need at least 8 hours of cooking time. I put the roast in a big pan. Pour on a little olive oil. A little garlic powder or garlic, salt, pepper and rosemary if you like. I put a little water in the bottom of the pan.

Cover with foil. Put in 250 degree over and leave it for 8 hours (overnight works well). Turn off oven. You can serve it then, or reheat it later.

It produces wonderfully tender roast with awesome flavor. Goes great with butter noodles or mashed potatoes.The whole house smells of roasted pork. And it turns a very cheap meat into a little bit of heaven. I usually do a 4-5 lb roast. It shrinks down quite a bit as it cooks. So there isn’t as much as you would think. Steve and I eat it over the course of a few days.

I think you could do a pork sandwich with the meat if you wanted, or may be put it in a tortilla.

I just usually wait until the pork shoulder goes on sale and then do it. Mario says that in Mexican or Chinese neighborhoods the shoulder is hard to find as they know how terrific it is if it is cooked slowly and it is so inexpensive. But he says more affluent neighborhoods you can usually find it – our local Safeway doesn’t always have it – but it is a TINY store and that is our lot in life here.

Molto Mario!


Pulled Pork Sandwich Using Colleen's  "Molto Mario" Recipe and Bottled BBQ Sauce