Friday, August 31, 2012

Asian BBQ Beef Ribs

Asian BBQ Beef Ribs

Not all of my experiments turn out well. These BBQ beef ribs look good in the photo, and the idea was really good, but something got lost in my execution.

Tom had a hankering for ribs. I decided to try beef instead of pork ribs. Never made them before. The butcher counter at Morgan Grocery in Penn Yan has lots of beef ribs from cutting steaks all summer. They put them in the freezer. And are a bargain.

So, I used the Filipino-style Steak Marinade and marinated the beef ribs overnight, then wrapped them in foil and baked them all day at 200 degrees (first 15 minutes at 400 to get them started), then bought an Asian style BBQ sauce at Weggies for Tom to add when he grilled them.

Something was off. Either my marinade choice, or the BBQ sauce or both. I need to try again. And do some research. If anyone has a good way to make beef ribs, let me know.



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