Friday, August 10, 2012

Restaurant Guide to Market Street

Tourists at my new art studio have been asking me where to get a bite to eat, so I decided to create a restaurant guide for Market Street here in Corning, New York.

There are over 25 eating establishments on Market Street, including Indian, BBQ, Japanese, Mexican, vegetarian, cake and pastry shops, along with sandwich places, and numerous upscale casual restaurants.  There are 3 excellent pizza places.  And a local brewery with outdoor seating.  And two places which roast their own coffee.  Plus a wine bar.  And a Farmer's Market on Thursdays.

Quite impressive for a street which is only 5 blocks long. 

Market Street runs east to west.  My studio is at 11 West smack dab in the middle.   I think that's why I get asked a lot.  :)

I am going to put the map and guide in my window and see what happens.


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