Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Artisan Pasta Splurge

Artisan Pasta Splurge -- Our Shopping Bag of Goodies
We took a trip to Rochester yesterday --- to get Tom's car serviced, a haircut for me, and to do some sleuthing for some genealogy work we are doing.

Getting away from home ---even if it is only a couple hours away ---is always so refreshing and stimulating.  That's why I love to travel.  Gives you perspective as well as a lasting thrill from the adventure.

It is an even better thrill when a food adventure is involved!

Unloading the contents

We were in East Rochester, tracking down locations for Tom's father's history  -- we found the war memorial, and possibly the church they attended, and some of the houses they rented  --- as well as his high school. 

We ran out of light and started looking for a place for coffee.  It was starting to rain.

Up ahead --- in the plaza where the old piano works was located --- was a beautifully lit up tile showroom and what looked like a specialty coffee place next door. 

So, we had to check them both out.  (We are still on the hunt for tile for our backsplash in the kitchen.)

It was a two-fer.  Lucky for us, the shops were connected and owned by the same person, the enthusiastic, very knowledgeable Gary Pino.  The shop is called Rosario Pino's, a specialty foods store, which has a first class cooking demo area in the back. 

Rosario Pino's Artisan Foods, LLC
349 West Commercial Street
in the Piano Works Mall
East Rochester, NY 14445

So what was in our shopping bag?

Our first pick was a bucatini to make with my bolognese (click to see recipe).

And I wanted to try their farfalle, a long flat pasta which will be great with a meat sauce.

And orecchietti to make Tom's  Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe (click to see recipe).  Look at the ridges on that pasta!

They had an authentic pasta from Tuscany which reminded me of the simple, yet fantastic, mushroom pasta dish I had once there, so I am going to try to recreate it.

For the novelty, we are going to try chocolate pasta, which Gary said to serve with just a little mascarpone.

And the sweet potato linguine, which their chef said to cook simply so as to not overwhelm the flavor of the pasta.

Sweet Potato Pasta with Browned Butter and Walnuts
Brown butter until it is foaming
Add a sage leaf if desired
Add the cooked pasta
And a little brown sugar so that it adheres to the the pasta
And toasted, slice walnuts or almonds.
Mix together and serve.

Tom came away with two salumi (Italian style cured meats):  a truffle and a red wine.

Just for kicks, we bought wafers, which are traditionally served with a simple pesto, to serve to certain friends.  Guess who?

This is just a sampling of what they carry.  They also have gluten free products, and Nespresso machines and coffee.  Cheeses, candy, Italian cookies and cakes.

Gary pointed out their large assortment of Italian olive oils, but we proudly said we have our own family connection in Napa.  :)

So, we agreed to have an olive oil challenge.  Longmeadow Ranch against any of his Italian imports. 

I am looking forward to that duel.


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