Monday, March 4, 2013

Jasmine Tea Pearls by Mary

Jasmine Tea Pearls
I have recently become a fan of jasmine tea. I was looking for a relaxing and satisfying hot drink to sip at night, and my daughter introduced me to jasmine tea in pearl form. This green tea comes from the Fujian area of China. 

The tea leaves are hand rolled with jasmine flower buds into small pearls. The pearls are then mixed with fragrant jasmine blossoms until they become infused with jasmine's sweet flavor and aroma. Yummmmm.

You can buy the jasmine pearls loose at tea stores or at the supermarket. I found this tin by Rishi at our local supermarket. The aroma inside the tin is heavenly!  

Simply put four or five pearls into your tea cup or mug, add hot water, and watch the pearls unfurl, releasing their scent and flavor. This process usually takes 3-4 minutes, and then the pearls sink to the bottom of the cup.

I find this elegant ritual fun to perform in the evenings. And the scent of jasmine takes me to a tropical place.

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