Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Grilled Salmon Steaks from Dee

 Here's another good recipe -- for Grilled Salmon Steaks -- which I got from Tom's mother, Dee.  It is uses dry vermouth in the marinade  -- it works really well with the herbs and lemon juice-- to cut through the oiliness that salmon sometimes has.
I updated her recipe to use olive oil and fresh herbs where possible, but otherwise it is the same. I downsized it for two.
Look for fresh good quality salmon steaks.  Then douse them with vermouth, lemon juice, olive oil, herbs and salt and pepper.

Marinate them for 3 to 5 hours (in refrigerator) before grilling and rotate the steaks periodically to be sure all sides have contact with the flavorings.

You can grill, broil or pan fry the salmon steaks.  I chose to do them on the stove top, by first heating up olive oil in a pan until very hot, then placing them skin side down.  Don't touch them for 5 minutes, even though you will be tempted to peek or move them about.  Flip them over, and continue to cook for 2 minutes or so, add the remaining marinade -- which will bring down the temperature -- and cover -- and cook until opaque and cooked through, but not overcooked  In total, it's about 12 - 15 minutes but really depends on the thickness of your salmon steaks.  Flip back over and serve with the skin side down.
There will be a nice crust on the outside but the salmon will be very tender and flaky on the inside if you get it right.  Serve with lemon to squeeze over, if you like. 


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