Saturday, February 8, 2014

Smiley Face in My Soup

Smiley Face in my Soup

Yesterday, over lunch, I was contemplating how to go about starting something new for Feast Everyday. 

I was trying to think up a title for the new idea:  A Sip of Zen?  A Taste of Zen?  10 second Getaway?  Feast for the Eyes?

My idea is to post a photo instead of a recipe every so often.

As a treat --- like a bite of delicious chocolate.

Or a sip of calming tea.

As antidote to all the stress going on in our lives.

To remind us to take the time to look at the little things around us everyday and appreciate them.

Because that is the basis of Feast Everyday -- to invest in ourselves every day not just on special occasions.

Plus my niece, Emily, has a portfolio of wonderful photos she has taken which deserve to be seen.

And so do many of my other family members and friends.

Then, a smiley face appeared in my soup --- and I said -- just do it!

It's a sign.


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