Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Teriyaki Grilled Pork Tenderloin by Tom

 Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin with Grilled Peppers, Onions and Corn by Tom

Needing a quick Saturday evening meal, we decided that a pork tenderloin would taste good paired with a melange of different vegetables.  Our niece, Chelsea, had mentioned a particular teriyaki marinade and sauce that she had discovered at Wegman's.  Off to Wegman's I went to buy the pork tenderloin and the Soy Vay teriyaki marinade along with a couple of ears of corn.

This is a grilled meal start to finish.  I marinaded the pork tenderloin in a ZipLoc bag for about an hour.  For my melange of vegetables, I used three bell peppers - one red, one yellow, and one orange.  I also used a Vidalia sweet onion.  I also used the corn on the cob I had purchased.

Preparation of the vegetables is easy.  After shucking the corn, I put it on a sheet of aluminum foil.  Added a couple pats of butter, salt and pepper, and then wrap tightly.  The peppers I cut off both ends, cored and seeded the peppers, and then sliced in half.  I poured a little olive oil over them and coated each halved pepper with the oil using my hands.  The Vidalia sweet onion I peeled, halved and coated in olive oil as well.  I used a skewer to hold them together.  Toothpicks would work just as well.

Time to grill!

I preheated the grill and got it good and hot.  But as I put the pork on the grill, I immediately lowered the heat to minimize excessive burning of the meat.  Because teriyaki sauce has sugar in it, you can expect to get some char.  What you don't want is a burned crust.  Grill the pork tenderloin for 30 minutes.  I grilled each of the four sides for 7.5 minutes.

After the first five minutes of grilling the pork, put the corn on the grill.  This will grill for approximately 25 minutes.  Rotate the corn every five minutes.

At the 10 minute mark of the pork grilling, put on the onion halves.  These will grill for 20 minutes.  After 10 minutes, turn over and grill until soft.

Finally at the 15 minute mark, put on the pepper halves skin side down.  Turn these over after about 10 minutes.

Doing this in this order will have your entire meal coming off the grill at the same time.  Let the pork rest for a few minutes before you slice it.  I slice the pork tenderloin into 3/4" pieces.  Serve with the peppers and onion.

The Soy Vay teriyaki sauce has a little write up on the label that says it is the brainchild of a Jewish boy and a Chinese girl.  They combined the best of their families recipes to make this sauce. I really enjoyed this marinade as it was both easy and very flavorful.  You can find it in Aisle 14A in any Wegman's in the country. (That's an inside joke.)


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