Friday, November 7, 2014

Dahlia Bakery Eclairs by Chris

Vanilla Bean Eclairs by Chris

Chris is the master baker among our friends, and always delights us with one of her cakes or confections.

She brought these beauties to our Tom Douglas-inspired dinner.  The recipe for them is The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook, pages 315 -322.

Chris says their pastry cream is the best because it uses a real vanilla bean for flavor.  And she recommends that you buy them in the organic section of Wegman's where they are cheaper.

The cookbook would be a great addition for a baker.  It came out in 2012.

Here's link to short 4 minute video where you can see the bakery and Tom Douglas talks about coconut pie, English muffins, eclairs, Nora Ephron's peanut butter cookie, the cookbook and two tools he recommends to make you a better baker.  Tom Douglas Interview outside Dahlia Bakery


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