Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Daifuku Mochi
Had no idea what mochi would taste like  ---

I knew that they were a dessert/confection made of rice  --- and were going to be gelatinous, i.e., be careful not to choke on one ---but not much else.

Tom brought home some from Wegman's where they are available at the sushi counter.  The package said mochi, but I think these are daifuku, which means stuffed mochi.  

From the outside they are soft to the touch, and coated with cornstarch, sort of like a marshmallow.
Up close, they appeared to have been piped out into little balls.  The rice must be ground into a flour because mochi are ultra smooth.
Inside the first one, the pink one, was a cherry-flavored paste.  I presume it was bean paste.  Tom and and I both said --- hmm, not bad!

Still the mochi texture is hard to like.  Tom thinks it is like jello.  But I say that's too firm. Squishy and stretchy come to mind.  Mochi don't cut easily.
The second one, as I predicted, was green tea.  And quite good.  
The third one was chocolate with maybe some coffee.

And the last one was delicious citrus one -- maybe tangerine or orange.

I guess I should check with Wegman's to see if I guessed the flavors correctly.

And I am sure they are better if purchased in Japan and at a real dessert shop rather than at a grocery story here in the US.

They were fun to try.


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