Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Broccoli on the Grill

Broccoli  --- Hot off the Grill

We've had success putting our broccoli on the grill while we cook our meat, so I thought I'd share how it is done. It is a twist on the technique used for Hayden's Sprouts.

The moisture from the recently rinsed broccoli steams the broccoli and the direct heat from the grill browns the bottom.  Using garlic powder eliminates the risk of bitter or burnt garlic, but adds flavor.

Broccoli on the Grill

1 head of fresh broccoli, rinsed
aluminum foil
olive oil
garlic powder
salt and pepper

For an average sized head of broccoli, you will need two equally sized sheets of aluminum foil, approximately 16-18 inches long.

Place one sheet on the counter, drizzle some olive on it.

Then, be sure your broccoli is recently rinsed, and not dry, you will need a little moisture for success.

Cut the broccoli into pieces, including the stems, so they are all about the same size for even cooking.

Place the flat side down into the olive oil and rub it around to coat the flat side with the oil, and pack them closely together in one layer.  Leave about an inch or two all around the outside.  In other words, keep them in the center of the foil.
One layer is important for even cooking and getting a browned bottom.

Drizzle more olive oil over the top.  Add a generous amount of garlic powder (not garlic salt) and then season with salt and pepper.  Be sure to get the spices on all of the pieces of broccoli.
Now, place the second piece of aluminum foil on top.  Start in one corner, and fold the bottom edge over the bottom, as if you were sealing a pie, or a parchment packet for fish, until you are all the way around the foil, and have a tightly closed packet of broccoli.  If you need to, squish the broccoli together to ensure that there are not any gaps.  If you tear the foil, just crimp it together.  You don't want any places for the steam to escape.
Place the packet on a tray or small cookie sheet for transportation to and from the grill.
Coordinate the timing of the broccoli with whatever else you are grilling.
Grill for about 8 to 10 minutes on medium heat.  12 minutes is too long.  You don't have to turn it.
Be careful when you open the packet.  It will be steamy and very hot.

The broccoli will be bright green but browned on the bottom if you have your timing right.


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