Friday, July 3, 2015

How to eat Vegemite and Hugh Jackman

Vegemite is made from brewer's yeast, a by-product of brewing beer.
It was invented in 1922 in Australia and 22 million jars per year are sold by most estimates.

What's more Australian than Vegemite!

Thanks to our niece, Emily ---she sent me the link---Hugh Jackman shows us (and Jimmy Fallon) how to eat Vegemite.

Or go to the link here:

I bought a jar and white bread and we tried it, too, following Hugh's directions.
First I toasted inexpensive white bread.  Then added butter.  
Then, only a little bit of vegemite, thinly spread across the surface of the toast.  

So what does it taste like?  To me, it tastes a lot like miso paste.  It is salty and bitter.  Or kind of like a spread of briny black olives. But malt-ier.  Kind of like Worcestshire sauce.
It's has lots of nutritional value.  B-vitamins and probiotics.

Later in the day, I also tried it on a toasted cheese sandwich using it instead of mustard.  But I definitely used too much, and it was overpowering and too salty.

A little goes a long way...

Here's the link to the Vegemite site if you are interested in learning more about it's history and how to use it.


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