Sunday, August 2, 2015

August: India

August is India

Indian food is one of our favorite cuisines so we are looking forward to adding Indian dishes to our repertoire.  However, there will be lots of competition from our local produce which will be at its peak:  corn, tomatoes, peaches.  Maybe I will write about both this month.

On the tablescape for India:
  • papadum -- a thin, crisp seasoned dough
  • banana chips 
  • pazham  -- banana
  • rice
  • parippu payasam -- a dessert made with coconut milk
  • mathanga erissery -- a pumpkin side dish
  • sambar -- a lentil-based vegetable stew
  • pachadi -- a chutney condiment
  • kaalan ---a yoghurt coconut vegetable side dish
  • avial  --a vegetable dish with a thick cumin curry coating
  • rasam --a South Indian soup with tamarind in the base
  • chai tea --a spiced sweet Darjeeling tea with milk
  • mango sharbat -- a mango iced drink

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