Thursday, July 28, 2016

Salad Greens with Grapes, Peas and Spicy Ginger Citrus dressing

Grapes in a salad?

This is a good salad combination:  the crispness of the greens, the starchiness of the peas, the sweetness of the grapes and the hot spicy dressing.

It came about because we had some leftover sweet red grapes.  What if I substituted grapes for our usual cherry tomatoes?

Now I will say upfront that Tom was not a fan of the grapes, but he is not a fan of any fruit in his salad.

And I don't understand this because tomatoes -- which he adores --were originally classified as a fruit, and did not become a vegetable until 1893 when it was expedient to do so for US tariff laws.

Tomatoes are still considered a fruit botanically.  And a vegetable for cooking and legal purposes.
Anyway, I thought the grapes were an interesting change of pace, and a good use of leftover grapes, especially when they are getting a bit wrinkly and overripe.

I have made it with various greens --- this salad was made with red and green romaine that Sarah brought to us from her CSA.  But lately, I have been using the Spinach, Arugula, Radiccio mix.

Our son, David, told us about the Wegman's salad dressing called Spicy Ginger Citrus dressing.

And, he also warned us that it was spicy!

Yikes!  This stuff is hot.  Use it sparingly.

Lettuces with Peas (or Edamame) and Grapes
with Spicy Ginger Citrus dressing

Serves 4

4-6 cups lettuces, cut or torn into bite-size
a dozen or so sweet, seedless grapes, halved
salt and pepper for the grapes
peas or edamame to scatter
Spicy Citrus Ginger

to make your own version of this dressing:

In the bottom of your salad bowl, add

fresh ginger, grated 1 - 2 t.
juice of 1 juicy lime, 2 if not juicy
2 - 3 T. of canola oil
red pepper flakes
1 t. tamarind sauce or 1 t. Worcestershire sauce
a dash of hot pepper sauce like Tabasco

Whisk it all together.

On top add the lettuce, the seedless sliced grapes, then add salt and pepper.  Scatter it with peas or edamame.

At the table, toss the salad and serve.

We had it with teriyaki flank steak.

Later David told me that he had been putting grapes in his salad at home --- so I have been calling this David's salad.


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