Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Chef Dennis's "The Best Tiramisu You Will Every Make" from Colleen

"The Best Tiramisu You Will Ever Make"

Note from B:  Thank you, Colleen, for remembering Feast Everyday when you make something yummy like this recipe.  

This is from a website called Ask Chef Dennis.


There is a LOT of exposition that I mostly ignored. I decided to go with this recipe as he cooked the eggs and I didn’t want to risk salmonella by using uncooked eggs although Ina Garten’s recipe does.

I’m not willing to live that dangerously with the tender tummies in these parts. So I cooked the egg yolks with the sugar for a full ten minutes and the sugar did not dissolve.

I was in despair, but quickly googled and others said not to worry. When I whipped in the marscapone cheese, magically the graininess disappeared.

Thank God as it was hot and I did not want to spend another 10-12 minutes stirring eggs non-stop at the hot stove.

The rest of the recipe was easy. I cooled the eggs and then whipped in the marscapone using the mixer. Then I cleaned the mixer whisks and whipped the cream and folded that in. It seemed a little loose, but it firmed up in the fridge.

I liked making it in the punch bowl as it is very pretty to serve that way. But I ended up using three layers of lady fingers and felt a little short on the cream. I would likely increase the egg yolks to 7, leave the sugar at the same level as it was plenty sweet, add in a full pound tub of marscapone and use 2 cups of whipping cream. An offset spatula/spreader makes it easy to level the cream between layers.

Before I put the first layer of lady fingers in the bowl, I put down a thin layer of cream to help anchor the cookies. I had to cut some lady fingers to fit the bowl, but that was easy. I just dipped them first and then used a sharp knife to cut them down to size. The bowl diameter increases from the base, so the next layers used more cookies. I ended up using all but about 3 of the lady fingers. I covered the bowl once I was done and didn’t sprinkle with cocoa until I served it.

I would definitely make this again as it is like a fun craft project once you get past cooking the eggs and you can make it a day ahead.


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