Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick Red Pepper Soup

All week long I have had a cold that has been dragging me down, so I haven't felt like doing anything, not even cooking. Luckily, I had Anne JP's Roasted Red Pepper soup to comfort me. I really enjoyed it --I'd describe it as a hearty, Southwestern Red Pepper soup --the cumin, cinnamon, chili powder combo is nice--- and I will definitely make it again.

But, now it's gone, so I am on to making Giada's version --- it smells very good as I write this. I had intended to make it for the last post, but, alas, I got side-tracked. Now I need to use up the ingredients before they go bad. That's pretty common for me, i.e., buying produce, then waiting almost too long to make the recipe.

Giada's way (see previous post) of making the soup is super easy. And only 45 minutes start to finish. fyi -I did add a little sugar to mine. I don't remember if she did, too, but it needed it.

Her's is a silky, smooth, very pretty red soup. Love the thyme. The red pepper comes through well. Tom just came in the door and said, "Smells pretty good!"

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  1. Tom is disappointed in this soup --- he thinks it is a vegetable soup, not a roasted red pepper soup. I said, "More of a V8 type soup?" and he said, "yes." He wants to doctor it with garlic and whatnot, but I won't let him. It is a nice basic soup. And looks like tomato soup even though it's not. Would be great with a grilled cheese sandwich!