Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Strawberries

I can't tell you how excited I am about sharing this experience. I was gardening today. You know -- if you are a gardener --- it was a day when you are stressed about getting what you bought into the ground, so you are going around digging and placing things, and then digging them up again, and re-placing them. And along the way you start pulling the weeds that you saw that are bugging you. Then, all of the sudden, I smelled strawberries.

This was confusing. I couldn't believe that the strawberries that I had let go wild as a ground cover could create an aroma. But, I smelled the most amazing, intense strawberry fragrance. It was early evening, so the sun was low and the day had been warm. I am kind of gullible, so anything was possible.

So, I searched along the edges of this patch of strawberry ground cover and found the cutest, most beautiful, baby strawberries, I have ever seen.

What I love about this experience is the back story. My mother-in-law swore that these were weeds when I was helping her at her cottage along the St. Lawrence. But, I knew better, and took the strawberry "weeds" home and planted them in our garden so that the birds could enjoy them.

Now, I am thrilled that I got to eat these tart little gems today. This is truly my definition of feast everyday.

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