Sunday, November 1, 2009

Layered Leftovers Casserole -- Chicken "Stuffing"

In the past, I've shown how I make layered casseroles with leftovers in my previous post Layered Leftovers Casserole- Italian Style. It's a great way to clean out the fridge, make a hot meal for dinner, plus have "new" leftovers for lunch during the week.

This time what I had leftover was: a rotisserie chicken, previously cooked wild rice and various veggies, fresh thyme, uncooked butternut squash, and rosemary bread.

The butternut squash wasn't cooked, so I decided I'd better saute it with some onion crescents. I cut up the squash into cubes so that it would cook evenly.

Seasoned the mixture with salt, pepper and Hungarian paprika. Everything else was already seasoned but I knew this layer would need a little something.After saute-ing, I mixed in the wild rice and turned it all into the casserole as my first layer.The second layer was all the bits I could pick from the rotisserie chicken. Bite sizes. No bones.Third layer was leftover green beans and pasta. This was a new frozen veggie mix we had tried earlier in the week and didn't really like. Added lots of fresh thyme to this layer.
Fourth layer was the roasted carrots that I was really sick of. I made too many of them. Plus some leftover potatoes and orzo.

To top it off, I tore up all of the leftover rosemary & olive bread from our dinner party on Friday night. Then, poured in enough chicken stock to moisten the bread and come up about half way in the casserole.Popped it into a 350 degree oven for about an hour and half, covered loosely aluminum foil. Uncovered it near the end, to let the bread brown. Smelled like Thanksgiving in here! Probably because the bread on top was combining with the chicken stock to create a "stuffing" aroma. I baked it for an hour and half or so at 350 degrees, then just turned off the oven to keep it warm. We are going to have it for dinner when we finish with the fall clean-up outside. Tom is working on the leaves while I plant what seems like a gazillion bulbs.

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