Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crisper Celery Longer

It really bugs me when veggies wilt and wither in the refrigerator before I get a chance to use them.  One kitchen character that was always on the limp list was celery...

until I learned somewhere --- I don't remember where --- that I could wrap it in aluminum foil and presto, magic!  the celery stays crisp.

How simple is that!

Trust me, it will last a long time ---if you take the time to take the celery out of its plastic wrapper, if it has one, and securely contain it in aluminum foil.  Be sure to enclose the ends.  The trick seems to be to fully wrap it.

Usually, I only need one or two stalks for a soup. And the rest of the celery would wither. Now, I save it in aluminum foil and break off a stalk or two whenever I need it.

Little things make me happy.

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