Monday, May 10, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday: Recipe Index and Call for Recipes

FYI -  It should be easier to find recipes now.  I have put a tab at the top of the blog called RECIPES.  It is an index of all the recipes posted on the blog so far. 

Check it out., then click on the recipes tab at the top of the main page. 

Just a reminder to my friends, family and blog followers --- I am still hoping for some contributions from you! 

Here are some ideas:

With summer coming, what is your favorite meal to cook on the grill?  

Any new kitchen toys you've bought recently that you'd like to write about?

Tried any new ingredients?

Any favorite new slow cooker recipes to share?

Any new chicken or fish recipes to share?

What's your favorite vegetable, and your favorite way to cook it?

Any new cookbooks you'd recommend?

Any kitchen or restaurant adventures to entertain us?

What's the weirdest dish you ever made in the kitchen?

What's the most unique food your mother made for you when you were growing up?

Feed me!!  I need contributions, please.