Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunflower Sunday

It's Sunday here at the lake and I am feeling very lazy and not very motivated to write up a recipe for the blog, although I do have some great new recipes to post, including one for grilled honey-hoisin pork tenderloin.  Instead, I thought I'd share my sunflowers with you. 

This summer it's not only the produce that has been abundant.  I've been buying a bouquet of sunflowers each week.  You get a half dozen sunflowers with three millet stalks for $2.50 at the Mennonite farm stand just up the hill from here.  You can't beat price and they last a week.  I am keeping them on the tray on the deck where I ripen my tomatoes and fruit, next to the all-important rain gauge and thermometer.

The sunflowers make me happy every time I see them sitting out there in the sun. 

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