Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Do This


Not all of my experiments turn out as I hope they will.  This is one that really surprised me.    Doesn't it look like a pretty combination?

I roasted a pork tenderloin with red grapes from the farm stand, garlic, grape jelly, red pepper flakes and rosemary.

Well, it was awful!  I have never tried roasting anything with fresh grapes or grape jelly before. Look how much juice there is! It became a boiled meat.  Yikes!

I tried this when I was still at the lake and Tom was traveling.  I thought I'd use up what we had on hand.  I ate a few pieces then put the rest of it in the freezer.  Tom is lucky he missed this experiment. 

Now I have to think up how to salvage the meat.  I will probably shred it up and coat it with Dijon mustard, and then a smokey BBQ sauce, and put it in a wrap or a quesadilla.

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