Thursday, September 30, 2010

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is from New York

Not Invented in Philadelphia

One of the tidbits we learned this summer:  Philadelphia Cream Cheese originated in New York, not PA.

The first American cream cheese was made in Chester, New York --- which is located in the Hudson Valley, west of West Point on Rt. 94.   In 1872, American dairyman, William Lawrence, invented it, as the result of an unsuccessful attempt he had made to create a batch of Neufch√Ętel cheese. 

In 1880, 'Philadelphia' was adopted as the brand name, after the city that was considered at the time to be the home of top quality food.

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  1. Philadelphia Cream Cheese originated in Philadelphia, New York in the 1840's & 50's. I have a map of the town & village from 1861 showing every structure in the town & village; many of those structures are homes which are designated 'cheese factory' on the map.

    --Gene Mosher, Philadelphia, New York