Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lundberg Wild Rice

Lundberg Wild Rice

If you like wild rice, I highly recommend you look for Lundberg.  In our Wegman's, it's in the organic section.

It is so much better than wild rice from the regular rice section. Or any of those boxed versions. 

Lundberg rice has a nutty taste, a nice chew, and it really fills you up on a cold night.  We've been hooked on it this winter.

It is organic, grown in California, and is gluten free.

We've been alternating between the dark black japonica version and the wild rice mix. 

Black Japonica is a blend of medium and short grain mahogany rice.  It has a little bit of a mushroomy flavor to it.

Tom  usually cooks it in chicken broth with a dot of butter and little salt.

The wild rice mix is excellent plain, but it can also be enhanced with onions and celery; or in this version, I experimented with mushrooms, onions and apricots.

We first learned of Lundberg rice at Thanksgiving at Long Meadow Ranch many years ago, when Anne G. came to the event with bags of it to give to each family, exclaiming this is the best rice!  She was right.

Lundberg has a nice website where they talk about their history, of family farming, adopting organic practices for the rice industry, and recipes.

The only issue with wild rice is the cooking time.  It takes a good hour to prepare.  But the house smells so good while it is cooking!



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  2. I have to agree on your rice choice. I bought the Lundberg rice and fell in love with it. Problem is, now I have to try and track down where I bought it! I visit so many different stores, so it could have been at one of many!