Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Mental Escape

It was -17 yesterday morning.  Yes, that is 17 below zero.  And on days like this, when winter seems like it is never going to end, I like to go on a mental vacation.

That's the value of a great vacation.  In seconds, you can take myself back to a certain spot, sitting in the warm sun, or tasting a new food.

Last year at this time we went to Key West.  It was the first time for us.  What a kooky place.

Chickens run wild.

We chose Key West because it was the farthest place south we could go and still be in the United States.  Cuba is less than 100 miles away.

There is lots of interesting architecture, military history, and lots going on a night, if that's your thing.

People ride bikes or walk everywhere.

Beautiful Pink Shrimp

And it was before the BP oil spill, so we were feasting on all of the local, fresh seafood.  I think I ate fish every day of that vacation.

Hogfish Fish Tacos

Hogfish was a new fish to us, and the locals are crazy about it.  We loved it, too.  It's a snapper.

Jimmy Buffet fans are abundant, and too many tourists embark from cruise ships, but there is also a calmer, local community of hard core Key West residents who wouldn't want to live anywhere else. They are very tan and dress very casually.  So it is a unique mix of locals and tourists, and very entertaining, if you like to people watch. 

I can feel the sun on my face as I write this.  I am reading a good book and not caring what time it is.  I am there in my mind.


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