Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sherried Peas with Mushrooms

Sherried Peas with Mushrooms

A bag of frozen peas and onions can easily be turned into something special by adding fresh sliced mushrooms, dry sherry and a little cream.  Here's how to do it.   

Saute 8 ounces of sliced mushrooms in a knob of butter.

Add a big splash of dry sherry, about 3 T. and cook until the liquid evaporates.  This will add a lovely flavor to the mushrooms. 

Add a frozen bag of peas and onions.

Cover for a minute, if your veggies are frozen hard, but if they'd thawed a little, skip this step.

Add cream, about 1/3 cup, maybe a little more.

Add salt and pepper and simmer gently until the cream reduces, but the peas are still bright green.

Serve with chicken, or whatever pleases you.  I served them with a farmer's pie I made with ground lamb.


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