Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ithaca Beer Company

Last Thursday, we finally took the time to stop at Ithaca Beer Company, a place we've passed a gazillion times on the way in and out of Ithaca. I thought it was just a beer supply place but now I know it's a full- fledged tasting room and well worth the stop.

It's located on the south side of town on Rt. 13.  Classic Ithaca-- an old Volvo parked outside.

Their current sign and location is rather weatherworn.  But inside, there is a nice tasting room and very helpful staff.  They are also selling beer making supplies.

We left with a six pack of their seasonal beer, Ground Break, created by brewmaster, Jeff O'Neil to evoke spring, and flowers coming through the ground.  It is very hoppy, light but with depth, a bit peppery, with hints of citrus.

The name Ground Break was also chosen because they are going to build a new brewery this year, and they may be breaking ground soon.

Link to Ithaca Beer Co. is http://ithacabeer.com/


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