Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finger Lakes Distilling

Finger Lakes Distilling

Tom has been wanting to visit the distillery on the east side of Seneca lake, north of Watkins Glen, for a long time. 

It did not disappoint once we got there.  Our experience was top notch.  Our server at the tasting bar was extremely knowledgeable and guided us through their products and their processes.

It is nestled up on the hill among vineyards in a simple, yet handsome tall building. 

You can see the distillery

and the storage through large glass windows.

The tasting room has a nice bar.

Their products are well displayed.  They make a variety of spirits, from an unusual fragrant pine/citrus gin to a grape-based vodka, to a husky corn whiskey that has caramel hints, to a memorable rye whiskey, and some fruit based sweet liquers as well. 

Their awards and press clippings are many.  It's owned and run by two McKenzies, Brian from Elmira and Thomas Earl from Alabama, unrelated, except by their passion for making distilled spirits.

They sell some interesting related products, too, like these flavored lip balms.

And jams and jellies.

Tom came home with their vodka and their rye whiskey.

We highly recommend you visit and check out their products.


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