Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pita Picnic Pockets

Chris's Pita Picnic Pockets

Last Sunday, we invited our friends, Chris and John, to come up for the afternoon to sit and talk by the lake, and to do a little fishing off the dock.

To my surprise, Chris said that they would only come if she could bring the lunch. Sure!, I said. What a treat!

They arrived with a delightful picnic lunch consisting of the mini-pita pockets, Chris's fabulous rice salad, and slices of chocolate pound cake.

The mini-pita pockets were stuffed with tempting combinations:

--mozzarella and roasted red pepper
--Gouda and smoked turkey
--a "BLT" version
--a roast beef and spinach one, too, I think.

You could make whatever combination inspires you.

Because they were mini-sized pita pockets, they were easy to eat.

And cute, too!


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  1. I love to use mini pita pockets. Because they are so small, you can eat one of every combination (did you?)!