Thursday, September 6, 2012

Culinary Seneca Salt

Culinary Seneca Salt
In the true spirit of being a locavore, we thought it would be fun to try culinary salt from the salt veins below Seneca lake, near Watkins Glen.   Keuka Lake Roasters is selling it under the name Seneca Salt Company, and it is packaged in Penn Yan.

Here's how their website describes Seneca Salt:  "There are deep salt veins 500 to 2,800 feet below the surface of Seneca Lake.  A brine is produced within the salt vein using lake water.  The brine then undergoes an evaporation process creating the purest of all salts, a culinary flake salt."

Seneca Salt's big flakes melt in your mouth and "pop", creating an interesting taste sensation. It is good for salads and veggies.  They say you can use it any way you would normally use salt.

Very cool!


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