Tuesday, August 17, 2010

White Peaches

White Peach

Have you ever tasted a white peach?  If not, you must.  They have all the peachiness of a regular peach without the acidity, so they are sweeter and more floral, and dripping with delicious-ness!

I wasn't aware of white peaches until about 10 years ago when I started selling my jewelry at the farmer's market in Elmira, and one of my fellow vendors was an apple and peach grower from northern Pennsylanvia.  I couldn't wait until her white peaches were ripe.  They were amazing. They are one of the things I miss about selling jewelry at Wisner market.

Now I have found a Mennonite farm along Pre-Emption road on the way to Geneva to get my annual fix.  It was raining last week when I stopped, so the peaches were protected with plastic.

The first year I found them, I didn't make it very far down the road before I had to pull over and bite into one.  And of course, it dripped down the front of me.  They are impossible to eat without making a mess because they are so juicy!

Now I wait until I get home to cut one up in slices like an apple. They are large, about the size of my fist, and have whiter flesh than a traditional peach. They are also firmer than a regular peach, yet ultra juicy. They bruise easily and the season is short, which is why I hear they don't appear in the grocery stores very much.  But if you are lucky enough to see them in your market, buy some!


  1. I only like white peaches =) White nectarines are good too.

  2. We love white peaches too. Emily and I had white peach mango sangria in Maine. Great! Very refreshing and light! I am looking for a recipe.