Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Top 10 from 2015

Best Au Lait Ever--
At The Mission, Mission Beach, San Diego, California, Jan 2015

"Where is Feast Everyday?  Where have you been? "

I had "Blogger Fatigue."  Yes, there is a term for it.  It happens to bloggers.  We get tired of the responsibility.

But then the motivation comes back ---when we least expect it.

Today was the first day this winter we've had a significant snowfall.  (We have been lucky, very lucky, so far.)

While I was cleaning off the car --- and I was enjoying the fluffy white snow ---which only happens when it is a new, fresh experience at the first snowfall,  and not the dreaded chore it becomes---I thought to myself--- today would be a good day to resume Feast Everyday.

So, here are my favorites from last year.

We were going Around the World on 12 Tables, one a month, which was fun:  France, Japan, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Sweden, Australia, India, England, Germany, America, and Italy.

Top 10 plus one

(Click on the winner to go to the recipe)

10.   Best Shortcut--Indian sauces in a jar, like Rogan Josh, are not bad! Thanks to Nancy L.'s tip.
9.     Best Cake -- It's a tie:  Hummingbird Cake by Tom and Swedish Apple "Cake"
8.     Best Cookie -- King Arthur's Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies by Tom
7.     Best Salad --Crunchy Asian Ramen Noodle Salad from Gretchen
6.     Best Food Saga ---Prince William Cake by Colleen
5.     Best Veggie --- Carrots with Pistachios -- to be posted soon
4.     Biggest Surprise -- I like meatballs, and to make meatballs, regardless of nationality, Spanish,                     Swedish or Italian (soon to be posted). I rarely ever made them before 2015.
3.     Easiest Fancy Pastry --- Petite Palmiers from Ina Garten
2.     Favorite Month -- surprisingly, Greece.  From the Greek spaghetti to the baklava.  Yum!
1.     Prettiest Dish -- Avocado Boats by Chelsea.  We had fun cooking with her during her stay.

Favorite Recipe of the 2015:  Green Tea Financiers from David Lebovitz

I made this recipe numerous times, and gave it as gifts and found everyone liked it.

On the other hand...

Worse than I expected:
1.   Vegemite
2.   Marmite (which I tried but declined to post in an effort to not offend)
3.   Weetabix
But not as bad as I expected:  Haggis, Neeps and Tatties by Tom

Tom's pick:  Weetabix was definitely his most memorable (and worst) food experience of 2015.  He says compressed sawdust may actually taste better!

Thanks to everyone who contributed or followed Feast Everyday last year.

It is going to be our 7th anniversary on January 16th!


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