Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Food Blog, Are You Crazy?

Just a little crazy, but here are some reasons why I started this blog:
  • It's winter here, and very, very cold. This is something fun to do inside.

  • If I blog about food, then maybe I will eat less --and better.
  • Selfishly, I want to encourage Tom to cook a lot after he retires. And he likes an audience; therefore, the blog.

  • It's a way to channel my obsessive, need-to-do-something-new personality without doing something as ridiculous as I did last winter when I made the photo book/show without a clue.

  • I miss my faraway family and friends-- so I thought I could rope them into doing this with me-- so we can stay connected.

  • I have visions of being invited into other people's kitchen-- or them coming to mine-- to cook together -- like Julia & Jacques --and documenting it for fun ---like when Jeanne showed me her grandmother's Italian cooking methods.

  • It will be an easy place for me to post recipes that people ask for.

  • And then I can find the recipes easily in the blog index. I often forget how I do things or which book has what recipe and this will be a good way to capture them for future use.

  • Our kids are starting to show some interest in cooking-- just a glimmer --and we want to encourage them.

  • I can play with color photography! And practice using my little camera.

  • It will help me learn my Lightroom 2 program, especially if I have to do it daily.

  • I needed some relief. I saw Arianna Huffington interviewed about blogging and she said that the secret is to blog about something you are passionate about; hence, food! Up to this point, I have been blogging on my art blog, but it is way too serious sometimes.

  • Anne, my art buddy, said 2009 is going to be a year of fun for her. And that clicked with me. This blog is purely for fun. (But indirectly I think it will fuel my other work.)

  • Mary, a.k.a., mittensinthekitchen, gave me an article that says happy people are often in a zone called "flow." They're absorbed in a challenging, but not overwhelming, task.

  • Blogging is really easy -- once you get the hang of it. And therapeutic. I highly recommend it.


  1. Remember it's just a glimmer... :)

    Can I make a recipe request? What about your bolognese recipe??

  2. I am so honored to be mentioned in your post by name but hope I'm also one of the faraway friends. Who knows maybe I'll eventually have the time to show some of the awesome dumpling shops in Taipei!