Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shrimp with Artichokes and Asparagus by guest blogger, Paul G.

Paul G's Shrimp with Artichokes and Asparagus over Linguini

Please welcome a new guest blogger, Paul G.  I can't wait to try his recipe.  Thank you so much for taking the time to write up the recipe, Paul!

Hi Barb,

Attached is my recipe (and photo) for Shrimp with Artichokes & Asparagus.  I often make the artichokes and asparagus for me and Donna, and sometimes I make just the shrimp. We love both dishes so I got the bright idea of combining the two. It seemed to work so that's where this recipe came from. 

Originally, the artichokes & asparagus is just something I whipped up because we like artichokes, and asparagus, and olive oil, and garlic. But the shrimp was something that I tried to copy from Ripa's Restaurant in my hometown of Lancaster, NY. 

Many, many years ago (like 40 years) I had their baked & stuffed shrimp that was stuffed with seasoned bread crumbs or flakes . I thought that was the best shrimp I ever had.  I wanted to make shrimp as tasty as that so I gave it a shot. My version is fried and not baked so it's different than Ripa's but the seasoned bread crumbs seem to be the ingredient that really gives the shrimp great flavor provided you have the right kind of shrimp.

It’s important to use wild-caught shrimp as they have the best taste & texture.

Paul G's Shrimp with Artichokes & Asparagus

   -3 eggs
  - 1 lb linguine
   - 1 bunch asparagus
   - 1 ½ lbs of wild caught med-large shrimp*  from Wegman’s
   -   3/4 cup Wegmans Italian Seasoned bread crumbs
   - ½ cup canola oil
      -14oz can of quartered artichoke hearts
    -  6 to 8 garlic cloves
   - 3/4 cup of  extra virgin oil
   -  ½  teaspoon of salt

  - 2 large skillets
  - 1 small saucepan
  - large bowl
  - 1 large pot (for boiling linguine)
  - shallow bowl
 - 3 dinner plates

1. Remove shells from shrimp. De-vein if necessary.  Pat dry.
2. Place bread crumbs on a dinner plate.  In a shallow bowl beat 3 egg whites until smooth. Dip shrimp in egg whites.  Then roll shrimp in the bread crumbs and liberally coat the shrimp.
 Place coated shrimp on a dinner plate for later use.
3.  Cook linguine per box directions.  Drain well.  Place in large bowl and keep warm. (Note: while the water is boiling you can start on step 4)
4. Cut asparagus into 2" pieces.  Put asparagus in a large skillet and add ½ cup of water. Heat on medium.   Cover skillet and cook/steam asparagus for 8-10 minutes.  Then drain the can of artichoke hearts and add the artichokes to the skillet.  Cover the skillet and steam..  Add water as needed to make steam.
5.  Peel and mince garlic. In a small sauce pan heat olive until very warm.  Add garlic to olive oil and simmer.
6. In a  large skillet add the canola oil.  Heat to below smoking point.  Slowly add the shrimp.  Put enough shrimp to fill the bottom of the pan but keep some separation between shrimp.  Cook until the side down is golden brown... about 3 minutes.  Flip shrimp over and cook until the side down golden brown.  When done transfer shrimp to a dinner plate with paper towels to absorb the oil.  Cover shrimp to keep warm.
7. To the bowl with linguine add the artichokes, asparagus, and salt. Mix well while adding the olive oil & garlic.  Lastly,  add the shrimp and mix a little bit more.
* It’s important to use wild-caught shrimp as they have the best taste & texture

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